Hot Summer Trend BOLD Red Lip | Dominique Sachse

Pump up your go-to summer time look with a daring pink lip and equipment.


Becca final protection full cream basis

Anastasia forehead whiz pencil in Carmel

It superhero liquid eyeliner in black

Tarte form tape concealer in tan sand

Laura Mercier final free powder in translucent

Bobbi Brown bronzer in Medium 2

NYX marvel pencil in medium

HUDA Beauty lip liner in “trendsetter”

MAC six editorial Red’s in “lady danger” and “dare you”

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This video was not sponsored and I bought all merchandise proven myself.

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  1. Looks good on you. But me, I am 75 and can't wear a red lip. I love the nude shades of lip and the orangey Gold Metal by Lip Queen. I learned that less is more for aged skin and coloring. I have learned so much from Dominique. I have more "confidence" wearing makeup to lift my look. And I too have the Brazilian Blow Out. I highly recommend it to anyone with curly hair or hair like mine, super curly and frizzy around my hairline and under my hair at the back of head.

  2. Warm hello from Toronto, Canada. Thank you for all the time you put into helping us lost souls sometime when it comes to make up and new trends. Would love to see a transition make up tutorial from summer to fall, when the tan is not totally gone and yet not your usual winter tone in your skin is back. Would you consider blending your summer foundation with your winter?

  3. Hello! I didn't like so much what you said about red lipstick/light skin. I am fair and I LOVE wearing red lipstick, but I know for a lot of women that's not the case. I hope your comment didn't discouraged them.. Because, you know, especially when these kind of comments come from a cultured and enlightened like you, it "hits" people in a different way, if you know what I mean…

  4. It's so funny that you said Brillo pad in describing your hair because that's what I've always called my head of hair all my life. I'm a curly, curly/frizzy haired girl as well. Water and humidity are my kryptonite. I get my hair keratin and it's a bit of a love hate relationship. It's great for smoothing but for about 3-4 weeks I feel like I look like a wet rat my hair is so flat and straight. What's a girl to do. So funny about the scarfs. Everything old is once new again! For a while in the 90's we all looked like stewardesses. I love the red lip without eye shadow. I never thought to do a no eye shadow. I'll have to try it but I think I would do some wispy half strip lashes to add a little volume on the ends. Enjoy the rest of your summer. By the way, I love your glasses. Are they readers?

  5. I’m loving this look,it’s a bit 70’s,a bit ABBA,very French and the idea of all of those shades of red is a super idea for a budget buy oh and o LOVE scarves,thanks Dominique,love ya❤️😘👊🙌

  6. Absolutely beautiful Dominique! I hate to ask, but I've been dying to know for some time now – have you had lip fillers or are those luscious lips all natural? Thanks for the tutorial, I could watch you all day, lol!!!

  7. Thank you for researching those sunscreens for us! Really enjoyed your video and the serenade by the little birdie in the tree. AND….. you read all those labels without your glasses! 😎 Enjoy the rest of your VACA and thanks for thinking of us!

  8. I am in the last year of my fifties !! I love watching you for inspiration and fabulous ideas as I hate the age thing ! and I don’t believe when you get to my age you will change either😀 age is just a number and if I want to wear red lips I will !! Thank you so much xxx

  9. Hellothank you for all your wonderful tips for women over 40. Can you please give ideas for places to find stylish clothes for plus size women. I love the clothes on White House Black Market but can't wear anything on the site as they are to small.. Thanks

  10. What mirror do you use that you can see yourself from a distance but still showing details of the make up? I found with the magnifying mirror, I have to have it pretty close to my face to focus, and it actually makes me dizzy.

  11. Always such lovely videos, Thank you for the great topics for us more mature girls. Will you do an accessory video soon, and any advise you might have about wearing heals without pain? Any inside secrets… Thank You!

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