How to dress when you are short for women over 40 – fashion for women over 40

Tracy Gold shares her high secret tips about how to dress when you are short for women over 40. ***** To store objects that make you look taller

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About the video
Many short women want they put on taller, however what if I instructed you that you can look taller immediately simply by the garments you put on? In this video, I inform you how you how.

I’m pretty short myself and I do know what’s its like to want I used to be taller. There is nothing I can do about that, however I can select to put on clothes that fits my small body and make me look taller than I’m and so can you.

I’m going to share with you my high secret suggestions to dressing your self tall.

Wear short size attire and skirts: Dresses that are shorter make your legs seem longer. If you don’t like your legs, put on tights or leggings beneath or choose for an over the knee boot.

Wear excessive waisted pants: This works like wonders to make your legs seem longer than they are. You can take this look additional by including a slight heel and tucking your tops into your waistband.

Wear slim leg, bootleg or large leg trousers with a heel. Slim leg pants will cowl a part of the shoe, giving you an extended line. If you put on large leg or bootleg pants or denims, the flare will cowl the heel and nobody would be the wiser.

When carrying ankle boots with denims, both tuck them in or fold them simply above. The eye is a humorous factor, it goes to the place there may be pores and skin and may shorten your look.

Avoid something ¾ size. Contrary to well-liked perception, that is going to make you look shorter than you are.

Wear nude footwear. This makes it appear to be your foot is an extention of your foot. Choose a shoe shut to the color of your pores and skin or perhaps a metallic for a stylish look.

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  1. Yes the eye goes to skin, plus any band of a contrasting light color cuts us off. Thank you so much for addressing the fashion needs of us short women! 🌻💛🤗

    I don't want to look taller, just elegant, flowing, streamlined & well-dressed!

  2. Thank you for this tip. I am 4'11 and weight 110 pounds. And 26 of waist big butt. Could you please tell me what should be my dress and jeans. I hate short wear!
    Thank you!!!

  3. "Wear a short dress", you say. But what to do when you are very very short with very short and fat legs and thighs and "ugly" knees, and do not at all feel comfortable in short dresses and skirts? I use only dresses and skirts in knee-length or just below my knees. That way I feel comfortable and can move around more freely without being bothered by showing off my "ugly" and fat legs. Do I look even shorter and fatter with knee-length dresses and just below knee length? :`(

  4. Great tips! you mention several ways to make legs look longer, because longer legs make you look taller. Some short women, however, do not have short legs but are instead short waisted. My longer legs are probably the reason most people don't realize until they stand next to me how short I am. In my case, higher waisted pants look silly, so I tend to like the waist lower and to wear longer tops to elongate my torso.

  5. Can you help me ? I am asian woman from Philippines, i am short and i am fat woman can you help me what's right for me to wear ? My legs are small and fat i want to try to wear dress for a change my fashion clothes for a change i am scared because j know it can't be fit to me or its can look like me a mother of 10 childrens 😢😢😢😢😢 please help me, thank you so much and god bless ❤❤❤❤❤

  6. What about for women over 50 about 5’1” like me who wears extra large clothes? I have big legs and I am not comfortable wearing above the knee dress. I have a bit of big belly and I love to wear dresses but quite a bit disappointed due to my extra large size.

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