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HI FRIENDS! Since making this series over a year ago, a lot of things has changed. Since I know a ton of you find me through this series I wanted to updated the description box. Since these videos I have transitioned over to a lifestyle blog and am now primarily on Youtube! I started a “how to become a Youtuber” series and “how to make money on Youtube” here:

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Check out the rest of my how to become a blogging series on how to make money blogging, how to start a blog, and the equipment I use here:

Chambray Star Romper:
Monogram Necklace:
Essie’s Watermelon Nailpolish:


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*I purchase most of the products in my videos myself, but sometimes I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to try and review products sent by brands for consideration. If used, these items (both gifts and products sent for review) will be marked with a ‘c/o’. All opinions are my own as always!:)

About my channel – Hi I’m Hayley and I started my channel hayleypaige as an extension of my blog! I love all things beauty and fashion and my favorite thing is to talk about it with others! I hope you subscribe to see more fashion, beauty, home decor, and lifestyle videos!xx

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  1. I just want to aak one thing as you mentioned about the companies contacting you through your blog the thing is how can one come to know if that company is originally contacting you and it is not a scam company. Lots and lots of love from India 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. This was sooo helpful. I ended up launching my website because you inspired me to after your recent video about becoming a youtuber! Thanks for the tips. I definitely am making the mistakes but learning from them and getting better!

  3. Hayley, thank you so much for your insight and helpful tips on creating a blog. I'm currently in the process of creating my health and fitness blog. I'm looking forward to my journey even more now after listening to you. 😊

  4. Hi! This is really great information. I recently started my blog and I've been focusing on using Pinterest to drive traffic to my page. My blog is It was really important to hear that I need to make mistakes and learn. It encouraging that you are receiving positive feedback and that your efforts are paying off. I'm giving myself 6 month and 1 year milestones because sometimes I feel like giving up. I recently started following you on pintertest,

  5. Hey Hayley, thank you for your post I can't believe I got so much from this video thank you so much. Could you also make a video on how to pitch your to brands and companies?

  6. Basically, get your goals right, the objectives of what you're trying to achieve before you start creating a social media platform. Your goals have to be clear, otherwise you'll be doing bits of this and that which ultimately leads to nothing, and you're more likely to give up on it over time. By creating goals, you'll know the budget needed for your platform and if it suits you full time/part-time. Planning is key to creating a successful platform, experience along the way and build connections, get to know people who are already doing it and learn from them. There are courses available that can jump start your career in social media too.

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