Why This Fashion Editor Wore The Same Thing For A Month

Refinery29 fashion features director Connie Wang wore the same outfit for 31 days straight in an effort to combat “decision fatigue.”

Watch the video above to see how this commitment went down and read her full account of the experience here:

For Connie’s styling tips, go to:

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  1. Hmmm… i wonder if she would have felt the same if she weren't so strict with it. Even the examples of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld, they don't go to her extreme. There's still variation. I'm definitely going to try something similar but with more choice.

  2. I love this. Uniform is fabulous for the people who like the ease of less time spent on basic everyday things. But if you really love clothes, follow the trends and work in fashion, it deflates you and squashes you creatively.

  3. I have 7 outfits that I rotate throughout the week. Easy to control and enough to add variety. I did it initially to save money but it turned into such a practical lifestyle, so not complaining!

  4. oooh I really want to try this. I'm a minimalist and even though I've been able to get rid of 80% of my clothes. I still tend to keep some unnecessary stuff in my closet. I think a fashion fast would be very eye opening!

  5. I want to wear the only hoodie I have everyday, it's the only thing I truly feel comfortable in. I'm scared that people at school will judge me so I force myself to wear other clothes I'm not comfortable in. I like fashion, I consider myself fashionable but right now I don't have the clothes I want so I'm stuck with shit. I really want to wear this one hoodie everyday but I know someone gonna say something about it but like it's just school. I don't have anyone to impress, I'm just trynna make it through the year.

  6. I worked with an assistant to the president of a 5 star oil corporation who wore the same outfit to work, her ensemble was a librarian type of uniform and she wore it with such confidence. She said that used to own high end designer clothes until she lost everything she owned in a fire that burned all her belongings so she never wanted to invest in materialistic fashion again.

  7. Before I wore the same outfit for two days and once my friend asked me did I slept in one outfit I wore for 2nd time. I was 4th grade and I felt ashamed xD so I started making combinations like monday I'd wear red top and jeans, tuesday those jeans and white shirt with denim vest and Wednesday denim vest, red top and blak skirt etc.

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